Fees and Funding


9:00 - 12:00 / 12:00 - 15:00 (session)

2 Years


3 to 4 Years


The preschool team will do everything they can to support families in the payment of preschool fees. Please speak to the preschool manager, regarding these matters or to discuss any difficulties. However, if fees are not paid on a regular basis and no efforts to make payments are made, it will result in the loss of the child’s place. We rely on our income to ensure that the preschool is sustainable and legal action will be taken to recover outstanding debt in line with our policies and procedures.


Starfish preschool is registered to accept Early Years Entitlement Funding (EYEF) for children aged 2-4 years old (subject to meeting NCC eligibility criteria – please speak to a member of staff or the school secretary to find out more). 

To accept this funding parents & carers need to complete and sign a Norfolk County Council (NCC) funding claim form held at the setting, this will be given to you at the start of every new term.

Age of Child    Norfolk County Council (NCC) claim criteria
2 years old Subject to NCC eligibility criteria, we can claim for two year old funding the term after the child’s second birthday.  Funding runs to the end of a claim period (even though the child may be three part way through this period).
3 years old We can claim funding from the term after their third birthday for 15/30 hours per week
4-year-old  Funding is provided until the child goes to school for 15/30 hours per week.

The NCC free hours hold a maximum claim of 30 hours a week. Any sessions in excess to funding are invoiced. 

Please note that funded sessions cannot be swapped. We cannot give refunds for sessions missed due to sickness or general absence, as we need to ensure that we have the correct child to adult ratios in place.  Please let us know if your child will be absent from preschool.  

We require one month’s written notice for changes of circumstances (e.g. moving to a different preschool).  Fees / funding will be charged / claimed up until this point. Fees are invoiced Termly and are payable in full or by three monthly instalments.  We ask that payment is made by BACS on or before the date stated on the invoice.  Further payment details (Sort Code and Account number) are given on every invoice. 

If you are experiencing payment problems parents & carers are encouraged to contact the PreSchool Manager - starfish@coastaltogether.co.uk within 14 days of an invoice to work out a payment plan.

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